A condom in my wallet just in case

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The other day I was in Delhi metro. I was travelling from Rajiv Chowk to Dwarka Sec 9. Standing right beside me were two boys from school. With the book in one’s hand, I made out they were in +2 second year. Their lean bags, a tattoo on one’s neck, an ear-ring pierced in other’s ear and their common untidy grey-white school attire differentiated them from rest of the passengers. As they munched their respective chewing gums in between their jaws, their body languages flashed the I-am-a-spoiled-kid message (at the least to me), which got verified as they began their shitty talks. I almost stopped following their interaction until they notoriously indulged into a scuffle. One between them was trying to rob other’s wallet, when along with a few coins a sachet fell down. The owner of the wallet quickly held his right foot on the sachet to hide it from everyone’s eye. But his friend and I were quicker than him to notice it. A bold picture on the cover revealed it was a condom. The other guy circled his lips. He ran agape and his eyes froze gesturing his latent question. ‘Just-in-case’ came the response (along with a wink) from the owner. A sudden embarrassment took its place on his face and persisted for almost 30 seconds before it vanished. As they resumed their talks and went ahead to touch various other subjects, my thoughts stood at the condom subject. I was wondering what was I doing when I was in class XII? I certainly found big differences in between the yester decade kids and the present generation. Young kids at the door step of puberty want everything in their reach: be it a driving license, be it cigarette, be it whisky or be it loosing virginity. It’s a rat race to experience almost everything as soon as possible. And where on one hand the condom has made its place in the wallet’s of young kids, the presence of contraceptive pills in the purses of young girls have taken a parallel stand. Mostly such scenarios persist in Metros where life runs at 100 miles per hour and parents have lesser time for their kids. Precisely similar ugly looking cases occur more in upper class family in comparison to the rest of the society. A friend of mine who is a gynecologist, once revealed how the early age premarital abortion business in the recent times has augmented in Delhi. Big lump sums are offered to abort the early age pregnancy behind the closed doors, and far bigger lump sums to forget that it happened. If such conditions are not taken care of now, it will be too late for us to see our budding generation subtle in future. We need to suppress our desires and prohibiting our lives from getting into an ugly mess. We need to educate the generation next with the difference between needs and wants and how for the latter there will come a time where in one can cherish his/her share of happiness. Especially, in metros where in we are witnessing a culture of both the parents working, it is time to check whether they are devoting additional time in interacting with their kids and check their habits and expectations. Not only they should be friends with their kids but also with their kid’s friends as well to have a better insight of what’s going on in their children’s lives. A few abstinences for good is what we need. A condom certainly deserves its need in the wallet but not just in case, rather at the legally right time.


  1. Dr.Pinkey yadav says:

    suppress d desires iz not d right word as my opinion goes….it could be better if we say channelise the desires….good1 Ravin..

  2. monika thakur says:

    ofcourse, this is going to be a big problem as iam 24 n i can feel that difference between 18 yr old girl n me. They have to attain a maturity level but no one has patience for this..bcoz maturity comes with experience n age.. n the teens don’t love to wait..

  3. manmeet says:

    i am absolutely astonished by this article, i always knew delhi’s gotten quite much “ADVANCED”, wasnt sure if this’ whats happeneing here .A 17 year old kid carrying condom’s. such a shame!

    • abhijeet vyas43 says:

      we can’t blame that child for this but it is happening due 2 the introduction of western life more than required…he is just adopting it bcoz of his poor maturity level..there should be sm1 2 take care of these kids………it will sound out but i am too 17 yrs old..:/..but its shame …its true..

    • Maheema says:

      Maam dis is not d case only in delhi,am a 14yr girl of cls 9th belongs to delhi bt stuck in Up,wherevr i go,evn d children at small ages abt of clses 3-4th hav a lot of knowledge..am nt saying dat am too pure am too naughty i too kno bt d only difrence is hw d people have deir mindset..4 me dis al is 4 oldr age bt 4 mny its jst smthng to b expriencd as soon as posible..chnges cn only cum if d people start lokng 4m a broader way 2wrds d wrld n dey wil kno d right thngs..

    • Ankit Chaurasia says:

      i think its not shame thing because if someone don’t know about condom then he has curiosity to know that,it might be happen with that student.
      He bought condom from shop or stolen from his own house to know about that, might be possible.

  4. ravneet says:

    this al is because of too fast changing technology,we never had mobiles in 6th standard,,had no social networking sites,,mostly our indian community is suffering because we are stuck in indian and western societies,,we are not getting any way out,,

  5. navya says:

    A very nice blog full of facts and what exactly is happening, i think we should enlighten the society

  6. Today’s values and concepts of life are changing. Concept of Enjoyment is associated with drinks and a partying lifestyle..It has become so obvious and normal to be accustomed and to adopt this lifestyle and the one who is away from it stands out, he/she is left alone..When we were kids, we did not use to get space at ground to play crickets.Same ground are empty nowadays. Kids and teenagers are more interested in materialistic life today and they have more attraction towards video games, android cells, i-pads, etc…They do not see issues of values and emotions when it comes to a physical relationship..Everything is being protected and justified under so called FRIENDSHIP..

  7. archana says:

    hi..i waana b ur frn wil u plz repl..i wil b waitng fr u..

  8. mahesh kadam says:

    hi dude plz read if posible nd if posible plz rply
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  9. Manish Choudhary says:

    Really very nice blog…each and every phase is so real..and very close to life..it my great pleasure to read this.

  10. Jitu says:

    The parents are mainly responsible for this.They are not giving the minimum attention or guidance to their kids.

  11. Gaurav Mahawar says:

    The kids are really getting ‘advanced’. These have become a common senario in the metro towns. Gud one, ravin bhaiya.
    Check out ‘loosing virginity.’ It must be ‘losing virginity’. (pls dn’t mind)

  12. Ashish says:

    So true. Some of the younger ones love to relish the taste of amusement. They don’t like to think for once whether it is right or wrong! Their main purpose is to do something which is so entertaining. This kind of practice is malefic to their future too. parents should keep vigil @least for the shake of their future.
    Excelent reflection Sir.

  13. Kalicharan Shaw says:

    We need to grow up. I am a student of +2 1st year from a well-known school of Kolkata. I have seen spoiled brats around me, but things are still not so bad but it is going to worse in future. Meanwhile there is difference between things my grandfather did with comparison to my father and there is also a difference in things I do with my father. So, there lies a generation gap and should learn to move on

  14. Suraj Choudhary says:

    Ravin Sir,
    The face of the society has changed very badly…i believe its high time that we enlighten the youngsters…

  15. Suraj Choudhary says:

    Ravin sir,
    I agree with what u said…youth needs to enlightened…

  16. Ayat says:

    Everything is crystal clear. It’s just that people can see what’s going on. They know what they are doing is not right,ethically. But still they will perform the sin. For once you can’t entirely blame the new generation for being too open,too quickly, neither can anyone blame the technology. There are girls/boys who still believe in the same old tradition of sex after marriage. It’s a give and take policy. If u want to slow down the youth’s speed, make them aware and don’t play the blame game. Because for them they are right and for you the yester generatn is.

    P.S: Mr.Ravinder Sing,your books have inspired a lot of young guns to pursue writing and I am one off them. Thank you,for making us believe in ourselves. :)

  17. Anu Srivastava says:

    ravin i must say u hav quite noticing nature and u even have guts to pen it down and point it at the same time. In today’s world if u ask anyone to change so they retaliate back and ask u not to interfere in their personnel life as dey are grown up enough to understand wats right and wats wromng and if u tell dem dat in todays world technology is heading with shameless generation den they simply smile n tell u to grow up and face the reality
    ab pachtaiyt kaa hote jb chidiya choog gyi khet ………!!!

  18. pari says:

    this is how nowday technology like net, mobile phones etc are being used.. shameful.. !!
    I think its only parents ,those can change such abuse happening in our society.. they should teach their children gud moral values nd ofcourse their mentality should b gud enough to take such things in ryt order..
    this is how a small town child ripen under their parents sight.

  19. shan says:

    firstly we can’t suppress the desire…..and carrying condoms is better than carrying gun…….i think our culture is like that….i think it has no problem to carry condom

  20. Er.Sumaer Singh says:

    even i witness some of the incidents like this …but there i didn’t noticed any embarrassment ..time has changed n so the people. Don’t know whom to blame exactly for this TV ,sensor board ,internet , smart cellphones or technology ??? but at such a small age they want to experience everything god knows what will happen later in their age ,,cant even imagine
    i’am speechless

  21. lipsa says:

    good1 sir.,,, everyone shold be aware about it. shame of these guys

  22. Amit Sah says:

    Ravin, i recently got to read can love happen twice while flying to my home town…..(gifted by my ex way back)……..i have read many a novels deciphering n unveiling new dimensions of love……but still i keep wondering does any such word called eternal love exists or is it mere creation of media or some elites to pursue their own interest….i was really devastated when it once happened to me……but for a fact i now know everything comes with an expiry date………….

  23. yash says:

    Teens think they are smart enough to carry condem “just in case” but Wat about the counseqence’s

  24. sonal says:

    i too had a love story…ws an amazing xperinc..i salute uh n ur guts..it z too hard to bliv tht it ws ol real..it hpnd wd uh..i wl love to read mre novels of urs..it ws awesome, very impressive..n i too cried alot d momnt i fnshd it..n truly i fnshd it an hr ago. nw i am a big fan as wel as a wel-wisher of urs.

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