The pursuit of happiness

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By now the tired sun had lost its shine in the red horizons of the west. A mild chilly dusk had taken over the ‘city beautiful’ which was garlanded with series and grids of lights, announcing the arrival of the festive season. And I was inside an electronic appliance’s showroom to buy now a day’s (current) families’ latest crush – A Flat LCD TV.

I was almost lost in the crowd when one of the salesmen accosted me to understand my requirement. He then escorted me and made me walk across the series of running TVs, much like a minister who walks to receive the guard of honour from the cadets on 26th January. I checked the prices and the available features of almost all the models – the ones which I knew wouldn’t be affordable for me even in the next 5 years, the ones which were either too small or nonsensical enough to replace my current model and finally, the two which suited my need and budget. One was dearer by a thousand bucks than the other. I therefore, spent the next fifteen minutes bargaining with the salesman, whether he could give me the dearer one at the cheaper one’s rate. But other than the dinner set (the default gift) and his repeated utterance of ‘Sorry Sir’, the salesman had nothing to offer me.

In an unhappiness to spend the extra 1000 rupees to fulfill my happiness of procuring a better TV set, I stepped out of the showroom to call up my family members for their views. But before I could do so, I saw a bunch of kids strangling with each other to occupy the narrow sitting space on the railings of the staircase outside. Their faces and bodies were smeared with dirt all over. Half naked in their torn rags, they belonged to the class, which in the night, sleeps on footpath and in the morning, beg alms. Surprisingly, they all were giggling, showing their few teeth and more gaps. I wondered and turned back only to find that all the giant and small TV sets were now treating those kids’ with the Cartoon Network channel. Amused, I resumed my gaze back at those poor kids, dirty kids, yet happy kids. They were enjoying in unison. All of a sudden I felt a pinch in my heart. On one side, inside the showroom, were more not so happy people like me, who were ambivalent of whether taking back home ‘only happiness’ with a good TV set or ‘more happiness’ with a better TV set, and on the other side, were these kids who were cherishing happiness in whatever form they were receiving it. Seeing them encash their share of happiness in this way touched me and taught me that in the rat race of accumulating more happiness, we all are ultimately letting ourselves drift into the zones of unhappiness. And apparently, I realized that being happy is no rocket science and it’s a myth that most of the time we can buy happiness. But yes, we need to scale our horizons right and adapt to them.

Happy at this learning, I thanked the salesman who tunes the Cartoon Network channel everyday for his little guests. I didn’t call my family members and bought the cheaper TV set, thereby saving 800 bucks. The differential amount of200 got spent in buying chocolates for those kids. After a long time, that evening, sitting amongst those wonderful kids, I watched ‘The Simpsons’.


  1. Dr.Pinkey yadav says:

    you alwayz give me reasons to love you more….althou i know we actually don’t need reasons to love a person..keep smiling alwayz….

  2. kinjal says:

    vry nice…..evry1 shud undrstand n b happy in watevr thngs dey r gettn n nt to wnt mch

  3. really gud…happiness lies in small small thngs bt v humans frgt ths fact in the race of earning more n more….keep on rytng…

  4. khushboo says:

    Doing a good job admin department..!! Keep up the Good work:)

  5. Rashmi says:

    Liked ur responce towards those kids.

  6. dakshya kaushik says:

    this incident was really touchy ………… it had happened with almost everyone of us…. but there is only a few like you who can expand it in beautiful and touchy words………… u know i was d 1st one in my fiernd circle 2 read ur 1st book……… i recommended ur book 2 all my friends……….. my story is almost like urs…….. d only difference is that she’s alive but she is married 2 sum1 else…….. she knew that i loved her more than anything else nd no one can ever love her more than i do……….. still she followed her family’s decision…… i still love her nd will love her ever after nd forever…………. i know she also loves me but now i just pray for her happy married life………. i don’t have any contact with her now………

  7. shalini saha says:

    ravin, uve always been a man who’se taught me me how to face n fight with the most pathetic turns of life… thank u very much 4 another lesson through dis… take care, n keep writing to us.

  8. reshma says:

    reallllllllllly nyc…..!!!

  9. Shailja says:

    Everythng written by Ravin Sir izz just magical…no words…unexplicable..:)

  10. Partha pratim sasmal says:

    Hii.. Sir!
    I’m partha frm haldia,wb. I am 16 yrs old.
    This may nt be an imprtnt msg fr u.. Bt i jst want to thank u fr such a great book nd fr sharing ur story. I hav read many heart breaking stories. Bt i had never cried so much as i hav done today aftr reading ur book… I nevr knew that luv cn be so painful. I’m nt old enough to give much complements. So finally… Thank u once again..
    Nd 1 request plz… If u hav a little time then plz reply. I’m eagerly waiting fr ur reply.
    Yours sincerely,

  11. Swagatika Mohapatra says:

    A very touching day to day experience penned in a very beautiful way.

  12. Shipra Gautam says:

    Truely sir, indeed need to scale our horizons….once i noticed 3 kids playing with an inflated tyre with great astonishment and soon i realised about the kids at our homes,they forget about the numerous toys of their collection once they see any new type in the market.Even if its is affordable its not necessary for parents to buy them the one instead they should mould their thinking to get satisfied with what all they have in comparison to those street children instead of comparing them with their friends of same level. Because self satifaction cannot be attained by comparing ourselves with those of our levels but it can be better felt by noticing those masses who have not attained even the basic requirements and still are contented. Like these days we die to get the most recent model of our four wheelers but at the same time we forget that there are people on this earth who still travel on their feet and carts.

  13. Neelanshu says:

    Hi Ravin,
    I guess i’m reading this post 4th time, I am big fan of your writing skills so finally replying. You are very good in expressing yourself, give every detail of what should be given and avoid the useless information. Your writing is similar to what great Kishore Kumar singing is to me (coming directly from the soul). I am trying to learn this skill from you (in writing), but I guess its a natural talent and will be very difficult for anyone to learn this thing. But I am at-least trying it that is what I can do.

    Thanks for your view about happyness:-). I am happy now because of reading this blog again. I am eagerly waiting for your second book “Can love happen twice?”.


  14. sweta mishra says:

    ravin sir , u have nice heart.
    hope u follow this story in reality when the ryt tym cums.

  15. Sunita Jaswal says:

    Hi Ravin,

    I have read your book so many time..and every time it makes me cry..
    I have no words to express my feelings for you. But i really like your work,your blogs…. they are so simple yet so deep..

    I love you

  16. hii……
    i became a hardcore fan by reading u r “I TOO HAD A LOVE STORY” this blog made me more respect on u i want you once atleast once pls send u r contact no to my mail…..

  17. litu bora says:

    really awesome…u have a great heart….from your writting it can be easily feel how emotional you are…hats off

  18. Richa says:

    Beautifully written. Heart-stirring..

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  20. Pragathi says:

    Hi .sir..!!! I dnt know wt to say u….after reading ur 1st book…… But one thing, keep writting books for ur lovable readers….. U can , and u Willllll…….

  21. meena says:

    It was indeed a treat to read the two books back to back. Usually sequels are not as touching but this time I am prooved wrong. Thank you Ravin enjoyed the books a lot. I am almost your moms age as I hAve a grOwn up married kids but love is ageless… And regarding the kids nothing is more rewarding than a childs smile I teach undeer privilaged children at home and to bring smiLles to their innocent faces is most rewarding

  22. paro jain says:

    heart touching……………
    not only this instead i find each of your piece of writing filled with real emotions………
    thanks for sharing with us (ur fans and lovers of ur work)………:)

  23. Sreeji Iyer says:

    Ur bolg shows how nice a person u r.. N as they say, nice things happen to nice persons..

  24. pooja says:

    i jus luv d way u express….. ua’s was d 1st buk i hve ever read in my lyf… i reali felt vry bad n even cried a lot… ua buks r amazin..

  25. surabhi says:

    yaar i really admire u nd i really wish dat har ladki ko aap jaisa ladka mile

  26. Meenakshi Ekoshiya says:

    I have started to read your book by chance and when I have completed your first book, So I thought what will be in your second book, than I have bought the second one, after reading that book, I am still in confusion, is your second book was based on true tale or is it just an imagination?

  27. sirisha says:

    Ravz why i like you the most is just becoz whatever u say ,though it may be a fiction it touches my heart

  28. Nidhi says:

    Well written it’s lovely!!!! :)

  29. mahesh says:

    i like ur book very much. it was heart breaking . the way u have faced the situation in ur life,may god give u the strength fr ur further life. i realy could not belive thatit could happen to such a good persons on the earth. i preyed fr u to my god to return khushi back to ur life n hope u surely get her back.

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